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Jeffery Haight

Profile Updated: June 12, 2020
Jeffery Haight
Residing In:
Jeanne Favreau
Children:(Name, age, education. If applies NMH and year)
Michelle, b. 5/88
Kenneth, b. 10/91
Kept man / EE
Military Service:
Jeffery Haight


Yes! Attending Reunion


Grandchildren (Name and NMH year if applicable.):

James, b. 6/12

What Was your Hometown While You Were At Northfield Or Mt Hermon?

Warren, Mass.

Number of years you attended Northfield or Mount Hermon?

3 years

Dorms in which you lived:

Overton, Crossley, Hayden

Any secrets or stories you can finally divulge?

I'm afraid if walls could talk, they'd still be boringly quiet!

What do you remember about your dummy / work jobs... that you want to share?

Fred Johnson was an ok boss, but the joys of "the dignity of common labor" are greatly over-rated. Cleaning toilets may be honorable, but not particularly enjoyable. I'd rather read a good book! The cameraderie with Mr. Rowe or Mr. Campbell in our flawless execution of Recitation or Overton cleanings is fondly remembered, however.

Which faculty / staff members and coaches do you remember with respect and affection and why?

Tom Donovan - maybe best teacher I ever had.

Lou Turner - chess club and general interactions.

Dr. Bowman - general inspiration

(FOR EXTRA POINTS) : Tell us how the friends/education/lifestyle/traditions of the Northfield Schools impacted your life in 1964 and through the last several decades:

Coming from a poor, small town, at MH I learned it was ok to like classical music or jazz or reading or chess; that I wasn't hyper-weird because I really didn't care how the Red Sox or Celtics did next season. I think MH gave me the friends, colleagues, and confidence to feel much less malleable to bend to irrelevant social pressures and to think more independently. (This may have had some negative professional and financial results, but I still welcome the insights.)

Where Have You Lived the Past 45 Years??

Pasadena, Seattle, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, Sunnyvale, CA. (same house, last 28 years!)

Additional recognition you may have received. Any Honorary Degrees or Awards? Any Certification, License, Ordination? Any Athletic Achievements? Any Military Honors? Any Artistic Works? Any Publications?

A blurry machine imprint of Nixon's signature at the bottom of a certificate completed the "thanks of a grateful nation" for bringing freedom and democracy to Vietnam (a good, radicalizing awakening for quickly perceiving the later mistakes of Iran-Contra, Iraqi WMDs, etc).

Built the world's longest single span Wheatstone bridge in freshman physics lab; TA was not impressed.

Published lots of tech papers as part of later marketing/apps product promotions.

Our 50th Reunion will take place Thursday - Sunday, June 5 - 8, 2014. We hope you will attend. Please answer from the heart.

Talk me into it!

As part of our 50th Reunion we will be printing a yearbook, using everyone's responses to the above questions. To help determine the appropriate quantity to print, we need to know now if you expect to purchase a copy ( approx. cost with mailing $40)


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Jeffery Haight posted a message.
Jun 12, 2020 at 3:04 PM

Well, long time since I posted. Briefly, Wife Jeanne and I are in excellent health, both retired. We have lived in our Sunnyvale house for almost 35 years, but are prepping it for sale and planning to move to southern Orange County to be closer to our 2 kids, Michelle, 31 and Kenneth,28, and 2 grand kids, James, 7, and Grace, 4. Trying to Part with massive amounts of books and fufura just in time for library and GoodWill to shut down and stop taking donations temporarily because of virus. Lots of reading, hiking, golfing, occasional tennis, and, up until the pandemic, traveling. Love to hear or see any folks travelling through.

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