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Brian Farrell

Profile Updated: March 25, 2019
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New York, NY USA
Real Estate Broker
Reflections on our 50th Reunion

I agree with all of the previously posted reflections; it was a remarkable experience to see and spend time with such a large group of people I knew when we were just kids. I only differ a little in my comparison of the school today to what it was back then. I sense it's a much friendlier environment than I recall, even when the reunion carpet isn't rolled out. But the most significant takeaway for me was that in spite of our individual differences everyone in the class of '64 seems to have turned into productive, caring adults, not to mention darn good company. One particular highlight of the weekend was our classmate David Rowe's sermon on Sunday morning, appropriately relevant and filled with genuine humor. Bravo, Rev. Rowe. And hearty congratulations to the committee for all they did to make this the best reunion yet.

What Was your Hometown While You Were At Northfield Or Mt Hermon?

Closter, New Jersey

Number of years you attended Northfield or Mount Hermon?

4 years

Dorms in which you lived:

Oaknoll, South Crossley, Hayden

Most memorable N/MH experience/s: could be "feasting" on Saturday nights after lights out and/or sneaking out of the dorm or something like the thunder and lightning at Christmas Vespers or a significant athletic triumph. What do you remember that brings a big smile to your face?:

Singing York's arrangement of "Once To Every Man And Nation" at the end of Sacred Concert junior year, a transformational experience. Being overcome with emotion in the narthex of Northfield chapel senior year, realizing we had just sung our final Christmas Vespers. Mr.Raymond's calm, generous spirit, and his extraordinary ability to assemble concert programs which were not just educational, but deeply moving.

Which faculty / staff members and coaches do you remember with respect and affection and why?

"Pappy" Mirtz, for his sympathetic words after I got kneed in a tender area during a freshman soccer game. Jervis Burdick (no I am not kidding,) who caught me crossing the grass at the end of our freshman year in order to get to choir rehearsal for that year's graduation ceremony, and proceeded to chew me out so violently that his whole body shook, cigarette ashes flying. 4 years later, after pretty much terrifying me the whole time, he caught my eye during our own graduation ceremony, and gave me the biggest smile I had ever seen. And of course, most of all, Mr.Raymond, who enriched so many of our lives during our years at MH, and beyond.

Think about the highlights of your life since you left the hallowed halls of Northfield/Mount Hermon…tell us about yourself. Please write as much as you wish:

Transferred after freshman year at Colgate to Indiana University School of Music, with the intention of becoming another Mr. Raymond. Got my bachelor's degree, taught high school music for 2 months, realized Mr. Raymond was right ("don't do it, Brian") and became an actor for the next 17 years, first in New York City and then in Los Angeles. Made a living, but it was getting more difficult as time went by, so I started selling real estate in 1988, which turned out to be a very good career move. Moved to Cape Cod in 2001, where I sang with the Chatham Chorale, then to New York City in 2005, where I now work for Brown Harris Stevens, the oldest privately owned real estate firm in the city, and sing with the New Amsterdam Singers.

Where Have You Lived the Past 45 Years??

South Egremont, New York City, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, New York City

Your Education after N/MH undergraduate Degree (where, when) Any Graduate/Professional Degrees: where, when, what):

Colgate (one year,) Indiana University School of Music (4 years) B.M.E.

Additional recognition you may have received. Any Honorary Degrees or Awards? Any Certification, License, Ordination? Any Athletic Achievements? Any Military Honors? Any Artistic Works? Any Publications?

Theater World Award (1972-73 New York season.) Thrilling at the time, embarrassing in retrospect, considering how that career gradually deteriorated over the following 15 years.

Our 50th Reunion will take place Thursday - Sunday, June 5 - 8, 2014. We hope you will attend. Please answer from the heart.


As part of our 50th Reunion we will be printing a yearbook, using everyone's responses to the above questions. To help determine the appropriate quantity to print, we need to know now if you expect to purchase a copy ( approx. cost with mailing $40)


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Happy Birthday, Bob! We're all going to miss you as class correspondent/webmaster. You've been our rock for a very long time, and your efforts have been much appreciated.

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