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Martha Richards Hermes

Profile Updated: December 9, 2013
Martha Richards
Residing In:
Oldsmar, FL USA
Rev. Leon Hermes, PhD
Children:(Name, age, education. If applies NMH and year)
Amy, born May 1, 1968
Edward (EJ), born April 30, 1971
retired Claims Case Manager
Yes! Attending Reunion


Grandchildren (Name and NMH year if applicable.):

Rachael LaPanane (17), Andre LaPanne (11), Ellie Grace Carrier (12), Mason Carrier (9)

What Was your Hometown While You Were At Northfield Or Mt Hermon?

Bradford, MA

Number of years you attended Northfield or Mount Hermon?

3 years

Dorms in which you lived:

Mira B. WIlson Hall

Most memorable N/MH experience/s: could be "feasting" on Saturday nights after lights out and/or sneaking out of the dorm or something like the thunder and lightning at Christmas Vespers or a significant athletic triumph. What do you remember that brings a big smile to your face?:

I remember a fall bike ride into the woods FAR from campus and sharing a cigarette with a friend in another class. HATED Mountain Day with a consuming passion! Don't ask why - I don't remember.

Chancel and Estey Choirs were my calm in a storm. The thundersnow at the end of '62 Vespers was a real highlight, though, since the first clap of thunder happened after the last chord of the last song died away!

Any secrets or stories you can finally divulge?

Hmmmm - a batch of hard cider made in the bottom of my closet. Let's just say I'll never do that again! The repercussions were not pretty or fun.

What do you remember about your dummy / work jobs... that you want to share?

I hate washing pots - my first dummy job! Breakfast Prep was fun, though, and I still like to cook.

Which faculty / staff members and coaches do you remember with respect and affection and why?

I will always remember Miss Dora Palmer fondly. She showed me there was writing ability in me of which I was completely unaware. She was a true champion of the student.

Think about the highlights of your life since you left the hallowed halls of Northfield/Mount Hermon…tell us about yourself. Please write as much as you wish:

I barely survived a motorcycle accident in 1965 after a year of college which realigned my personal priorities. I married in 1966, had two kids, then went to work at a mental health agency when they were semi-grown. Eventually I decided to go back to school, and was hired by Liberty Mutual Insurance where I worked mostly as a Disbility Insurance claims case manager. Divorced in 1989, I am now retired, remarried to a clergyman, and relaxing! Still singing and have never stopped, thanks to Al Raymond - a lovely man from whom I learned how to sing my faith.

Where Have You Lived the Past 45 Years??

Bradford, MA
Exeter, NH
Rollinsford, NH
Perrysburg, OH
Oldsmar, FL (October to April)
Brownfield, ME (April to October)

Your Education after N/MH undergraduate Degree (where, when) Any Graduate/Professional Degrees: where, when, what):

Northeastern University, then Franklin Pierce for an undergrad degree in Business Management.

Our 50th Reunion will take place Thursday - Sunday, June 5 - 8, 2014. We hope you will attend. Please answer from the heart.

Talk me into it!

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