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Fall 2020 on NMH Campus

NMH Class of 1964 Facebook Group!

Thank you to Karen Holvik Deitemeyer for creating the NMH Class of 1964 Facebook Group!  

If you haven’t yet done so, please check it out and prepare to post some pictures or comments about what you’re up to!  This is meant to be a lively companion to our Class Website.  The group already has 63 members.  Click here and see for yourself! smiley

Recent Posts: To access, please cursor down the page

NMH Alumni Activities - Fall, 2020

Migration of Racism Discussion to the Message Forum

Letter from Brian Hargrove, NMH Head of School

Message About Not Receiving NMH 1964 Website Emails

Perspectives from the Past: The 1918 Flu Pandemic, WWI and NMH

Letter to Our Classmates About COVID-19

NMH Response to COVID-19

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipient

For Classmate News & Information - Please Join Us!


NMH Alumni Activities - Fall, 2020

Dear Classmates,

1. You should have received an email invitation from NMH on Sunday, September 13th to join the NMH Online Alumni Community.  This is a new service offered by the Alumni Office, and provides another way to keep in contact with NMH and our class.  Some of the features include a searchable data base for all NMH grads, the opportunity to update your personal profile information with the School, a subscription to the “Inside NMH” newsletter, and opportunities to donate to the NMH fund if you choose to do so. 

Your NMH Class of 1964 website committee members have all joined the Online Community and we encourage you to do so, too, if you are interested.  If you need help with this, please let us know.  The registration links are listed in the emailed invitation you received from the School.

2. Virtually all of NMH’s alumni activities will be online for the foreseeable future.  You should also have been invited to attend the NMH Alumni Association Annual Meeting.  They need 200 alumni to register by September 30th.  To register click here.

Annual Meeting of the NMH Alumni Association
Saturday, October 3, 2020
5–5:45 p.m.  (ET)

We hope you are staying safe and healthy,

Your Website Committee

Migration of Racism Discussion to the Message Forum

The three messages on racism (see titles below) that were originally posted on the Announcements page have now been migrated to the Message Forum where everyone has free access to review them and respond if they choose to do so. It is recommended that you select "View newest at the top" in the window at the top right of the Message Forum page so that the most recent messages appear at the top of the forum.

Message from the Website Committee, July 22, 2020

Clif Cates' Response to Weegee Brooks' Letter, July 19, 2020

Understanding Racism - Weegee Brooks, July 17, 2020 

Thank you for your consideration,

NMH Class of 1964 Website Committee

Letter from Brian Hargrove, NMH Head of School

NMH Stands in Solidarity

Message About Not Receiving NMH 1964 Website Emails

If you, or someone you know, is not receiving emails from our class website, we recommend checking to see if the messages are ending up in junk mail, and also checking the status of your “notify me” preferences. For instructions on how to do this, please click here.

Perspectives from the Past: The 1918 Flu Pandemic, WWI and NMH

In the present context of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, there is good reason to take stock and consider the circumstances of the previous global pandemic that swept across the US just over a century ago. This pdf document by Bob Sparks, MH 64, briefly looks at the Flu Pandemic and the War effort in 1918 and NMH’s response.  To read more, please click here

Letter to Our Classmates

Dear Classmates and Friends,
Please know that we are holding each of you in our thoughts and prayers as we go through the COVID-19 pandemic. All of our lives have been changed in ways we could not have imagined at the beginning of this year, and all of us face uncertainty about our personal well-being and that of our families, neighbors and friends. 
Most of us now are pretty much staying in place. Some of us are frontline fighters, taking care of the sick or performing essential jobs to keep all of us fed and safe and as healthy as possible. Thank you for that! Others of us are coping with the loss of jobs or sick family members. We are all trying to find a way through this unprecedented time.
One way we can help each other is to reach out.  We can write each other notes, share stories and posts. We can raise each others' spirits. We can share our thoughts and concerns, ask how we might help and pray for each other. Our class website might be a great way to connect. And many people are now using Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or other applications to meet face to face.
You might have some ideas of how we can bolster each other. We’d love to have you share them. And you may be having experiences that you’d like to share, too. The Classmate Forums on this website is an additional place where we can post ideas and experiences.  You can join the conversation at “Life (love) in the time of COVID-19” (with apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez!). Please click here. 

Let’s make sure to keep in touch as much as possible. And please be safe and stay well!
Your classmates and website committee

NMH Response to COVID-19

For information on NMH’s response to COVID-19, including FAQs and notices to students, families and alumni, please click here.

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipient

We have received an updated (January, 2020) letter of thanks from Ella, our Class of 1964 Scholarship recipient. The scholarship is multi-year and follows the student.  Ella is a Junior this year, and played Varsity Soccer in the Fall and is currently playing Varsity Basketball.  Her courses this semester include Theology of the Oppressed, Theatre Production, Pre-Calculus, and American Literature.  In the Fall, she took AP United States History, Honors French III, and Chemistry.  She's hoping to start applying to colleges.  She is very grateful for our scholarship support!!!  Click here to read her letter.


For Classmate News & Information - Please Join Us!

When you join the site, you are able to see what your classmates have been up to, add your own information via your personal profile, and locate friends on a map and via email.

Our website offers five ways to reconnect with old friends!

1. Your Profile: You control your own profile. The questions you answer will appear on your personal profile; the questions you don't answer will not. Read the profiles of others and you can post a message on their profile (viewable by all) or send a private email (see #2 below). Please keep your profile up to date using the EDIT PROFILE link under "Member Functions". Keep your contact information up to date under EDIT CONTACT INFO.

2. Email Specific Registered Members: Click on Classmate Profiles, locate the individual and click. If they are registered, you can scroll to the bottom of their profile and type a personal message to that person. Our system will email that person and they will return to the Message Center to view their message.

3. Profile Subscriptions: Keep up to date with old friends. Open Profile Subscriptions and you'll be able to check off their names. When someone on your list changes their profile, we'll email you a notice that a change was made. You'll also receive an email notification on their birthday. You can edit your list by reclicking on Profile Subscriptions.

4. Classmate Forums: A discussion forum where all registered class members can share memories, plans, ideas, comments. Subjects are arranged by topic. All registered members can view all of the posts in the Classmate Forums. You can edit or delete your posts at any time. You can choose to be notified by email when someone else posts in the threads you have posted in or have chosen to watch.

5. Message Forum: This feature (scroll down) is an ongoing dialogue among class members. There are no items, topics, subtopics, etc. Share your greetings with the whole class, tell a funny story, or wish someone a Happy Birthday. Fair Warning: All registered class members can read every message. You can choose to be notified by email when someone has posted a response here. 

* Individuals can turn off functions marked with a red asterisk. (Choose Edit Profile and scroll to the bottom.)

Get reconnected! - Don't be bashful!

Click the "Post Response" button to add your entry to the forum.




•   Richard Laska  9/22
•   Virginia Look (Brooks)  7/24
•   John Carl  7/22
•   Mary-Ann Efird (Higgins (Nf Faculty ))  7/18
•   William Norris  7/18
•   Karen Holvik (Deitemeyer)  7/10
•   Norma Chatfield  7/4
•   David Smith  6/23
•   Robert Eastman  6/12
•   E. Bond Francisco  6/12
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